Well…that was a step change.

I knew that Generative AI would not be very useful until it knew everything about a user. I also knew I wouldn’t want it to know everything about me because I valued my privacy.

Apple is seeking to address BOTH of those issues…at the same time…and they are calling it Apple Intelligence.

Official Apple Video Explaining Apple Intelligence in 5 min.

I continue to hold concerns regarding a vast number of topics, from equality of access to alignment of values to…well…privacy.

Access: Apple Intelligence will only be permitted to run on the latest versions of Apple products. And while I have purchased Apple computers since the late 80s, and Apple iPhones since their initial release in 2007, I will not even pretend that Apple products are moderately priced.

Values Alignment: I anticipate that the models Apple intends to embed into my phone, tablet, and computer will be trained to align more with West Coast, science-based, liberal elite views…and less with…”alternative” views. While that approach will likely be acceptable to me, I am not sure how appropriate such an approach is more generally.

Privacy: To be seen….

Nevertheless, I am already signed up for the betas of each operating system and thus in about a month, I will experience for myself this new Apple Intelligence.

I am hoping that Apple Intelligence turns out to be “a Good Siri”…rather than “a Good Bing.”