For a number of years now, I have described myself as someone who helps his spouse make bread. She makes bread…I help. Of course, she has repeatedly taught me each step of the process of making bread. I use the word “repeatedly” in the prior sentence because I have a mind like a sieve when it comes to all things kitchen — including how to implement various steps in making bread.

Yesterday I discovered our most recent loaf of bread was gone…as in devoured. Did I mention that my wife was in Montana yesterday visiting family?

So, I decided to “help” — by grinding the grain and starting the process — building the levain, beginning the autolyse, and refreshing the starter.

And then I just kept going.

This morning…the below specimen emerged from the oven…my first, start-to-finish, unsupervised, effort at bread making:

So now…apparently…I make bread.

I am super proud of myself. 🙂